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Teaching the business of show business, so you can create giant ripple effects, impacting the audiences you desire and creating the thriving, financially abundant career
absolutely deserve. 



You know you are destined for big things, badass!!

You know you are born for big things. That's why you are here. Not just on this website right now, researching ways you can create more impact and income with your music and performing arts career, but you know it's your soul's true voice. Your one true way of connecting with the world and will stop at nothing until you have achieved what your level of success is.  


You are a passionate and driven performer and you long for a truly awesome, life long fulfilling career.

You can have all of it too. The career, the success, the life and love or social life you always wanted.


A career in the arts can sometimes feel like you don't have the best work/life balance, you sometimes miss important dates (hello weekend work) or maybe you are forsaking your right to a happy and fulfilling relationship, this was me, badass.


  Having a great sense of business savviness, is integral to making all your dreams happen. When you combine deep energetic work alongside aligned, savvy strategy, coupled with having someone in your corner who knows the industry inside-out, you can expect to see massive, fast, quantum leaps in your career, meaning more money, more industry clout and multiple income streams in your (show) business so you can thrive and have the freedom you ultimately desire. 

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Hello, I'm Kerri

Singer, show-business coach,

marketing queen, and energy healer.


My clients, or should that say, badasses want more. They are multi-talented and so often I see them spinning so many plates, it creates massive overwhelm and total procrastination of their dreams, leading to frustrating career stagnation and a fundamental lack of self-belief, as they don't see the massive success they were born for! The performing arts industry is an unregulated beast, one which can be hard to navigate without a decent guide. 

A self-professed badass, I have spent 16 years in the performing arts industry, as a singer and entrepreneur founding multiple creative arts organizations, including two profitable start-ups in just three years. All of which has given me some badass business skills that I am ready to share with you, so between us, we get to create even more sustainability, success, health, and happiness in the performing arts kingdom.


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I would love to find out more about your work and how I can support you.

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Power Hour (FREE) Training


Sometimes you need some fresh eyes on your show business. In this 2.5 hour Mini Show-Biz Makeover Session, we can work on your promotional material, your overall mission, and your marketing. Focusing on industry-specific areas, unique to you so you leave with a clear strategy, an action list, and take over the world. 

Magic Show-Biz Mini Makeover


3 or 6-month coaching package 'Under My Wing' for ambitious performers who want to see huge, long-lasting results in their show-business.


By appointment and application only. 

1-1 Coaching 'Under My Wing'


Daring to Dream!

After just a couple of sessions with Kerri I can already feel a big shift in my business. A huge increase in clarity and direction and a crystallizing business plan which I feel really confident about and proud of! I barely dared to dream that I could build a business around something I’m so passionate about, but now I can see it starting to happen. I would highly recommend working with Kerri!

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Emma Greenfield is a singer, musician, composer and educator.


Another Level!

"I really enjoyed the goal-setting VIP day with Kerri - it was a good mix of being both fun and productive! 🙌🏻 Although I’ve been a goal setter for a long time and regularly planned out a general overview for my business every year, Kerri introduced me to a new approach which helped me explore my goals in a different way. Looking at things with fresh eyes can be the key to taking things to another level. Not to mention, the energy of being in a room with other focussed and driven people really helps boost morale. It also gives you an opportunity to bounce some ideas around with other like minds, which is soooo nice when you’re self-employed and often left to your own devices!

Lorena Dale is a singer, coach, and recording artist.


Plan of Action!

"Kerri has been a massive support, having her as my coach is very valuable to me and is helping me in the areas I most need it! I’ve had a session today and I have already actioned several tasks I’ve been procrastinating on for months and have a plan of action to continue working on. Thank you!"

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Tashara Forrest is an award-winning soul singer, founder of Sleeke Chix

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Kerri Layton's


After 16 years working in the biz as a professional performer, not only have I learned to spell the word professional right ;) but I have amassed some pretty badass business skills along the way. From founding and running multiple creative organizations to directing and producing small - large scale shows, whilst also touring and developing my own solo work.

The pandemic was where I really flexed my entrepreneurial muscles, however, and, after losing all my work overnight I subsequentially created a successful online drama school and I have decided to share my skills and knowledge with others in the creative arts industry,  so we can see the 


I am on a mission to help raise the financial vibration of the performing arts industry, to help create more financial sustainability and success so all who work within it can live the lives they truly want and deserve.

You can work with me in a number of ways; attend my free workshops and seminars, download my workbooks, sign up to my group coaching program (coming soon!) or dive into

1-1 coaching to see fundamental, lasting results. 

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