.Hello, Badass ~ Some of you know me as a business coach, some as a jazz singer, agent, entrepreneur, and ex-drama teacher. As I dive deeper into my role as an industry leader, help me to help you, by telling me what you think and win some prizes to help you with your business this Summer.

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Hello, I'm Kerri

Financial Fairy Godmother to the arts Showbusiness Success Coach 


I help my clients go from being emerging, unpaid artists to paid and booked out, and I help established acts go from feeling overwhelmed, overrun, and busy AF to being calm, serene, and in command of their finances and careers.


I'm a productivity strategist, ideas woman, marketing queen, energy healer, and more importantly a total badass as are you - that is why you are here.

With the rising cost of living and live events still recovering post-covid, this is not the time for you to play small. Whatever your project, pivot, stage show, or behind-the-scenes business, make the rest of 2022 count.

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To your eternal success,

Love Kerri xx